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We’ve been posting monthly comments from our clients!  To see the newest comments, check out our CareNet DuPage Reviews blog articles! 

“Listening, I felt listened to every time I’ve been here. To be honest, continue doing that for everyone who comes by your office, as that is all they may need to get through their day. Again a huge thank you for everything!!” Bloomingdale resident, October 2017

“She really listened to what I had to say and respected my opinions. She answered all the questions I had and made me feel comfortable and safe.” Warrenville resident, October 2017

"They listened to me and were very respectful.” Aurora resident, October 2017

“I liked everything, just a couple minutes here and I feel like I can talk about anything.  I love how easy it is to communicate with you guys. Thank you so much.” Romeoville resident, October 2017

“I liked that my [pregnancy] counselor was very nice and very respectful. And very funny made me feel great.” Chicago resident, September 2017

“I liked how caring everyone is—how they listen to your needs and give advice based on them. They were knowledgeable and it was so helpful when making a tough decision like this.” Aurora resident, September 2017

“I loved the way Terri made me feel like I was a part of her family. I felt comfortable and loved it.” Benseville resident, September 2017

“I liked the quiet and calm office. It felt inviting and warm inside which made me feel comfortable.” Addison resident, August 2017

“Sense of understanding & kind goodhearted people. I didn’t feel like I was on an assembly line.” Downers Grove resident, July 2017

“Each staff member was super kind, understanding, respectful, & informative. I genuinely appreciate all of your help and guidance. I felt comfortable sharing my experience without being judged.” Glen Ellyn resident, June 2017

“I felt very open to talk about my feelings, very comfortable and informative. Helped me not to worry so much. Glad they keep your info private and they can text me instead of calling.” Naperville resident, May 2017

“I appreciated the way it felt like a casual conversation with a friend. Being able to express how I felt without worrying about judgment in any way was very helpful in being able to be 100% honest and forthcoming.” Naperville resident, April 2017

“Lindsay was very kind and understanding with my situation. I felt like I was speaking and confiding to a friend back home. Thank you, I feel a lot more confident with you in my corner.” DesPlaines resident, March 2017

“Very glad to go to a place that really talked me through everything and gave me my options. Very glad I found a place like this!” Lisle resident, March 2017

“I felt very comfortable and safe around Lindsay. The atmosphere is also soothing.” Hinsdale resident, March 2017

“Betsy was very caring, listened very well and I loved how much interest she showed about my life and options.” Woodridge resident, February 2017

“I really appreciated the no judgment and understanding of my situation…and knowing I am not alone and I have options.” Plainfield resident, February 2017

“Nikki was very pleasant and open-armed to me; very informative and kind. Would love to come back just for a visit and Jan was very sweet.” Chicago resident, February 2017

We talked. I wasn’t just talked TO.

The staff counselor was really helpful in explaining all of the different abortion procedures and was really open and considerate to my views and choice.

It was nice that someone took an interest in what I was going through when I felt like I couldn’t tell anyone!

I got exactly what I came here for.

They were very understanding of my situation.

The caring and understanding of the staff made my decisions a lot easier and carefree.

I like how she took the time to listen…