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What I Want Our Clients to Know – Encouragement from our Elmhurst Clinic Director

When women encounter challenging life situations, we can experience a wide range of feelings. Uncertainty and trying to figure out how to navigate our challenge can take a toll on our emotions. When met with an unexpected situation, it’s easy to feel anger, frustration, fear and even sadness.

He Already Scheduled an Abortion

An unplanned pregnancy. It’s frightening, overwhelming. For both you and your partner. You anticipated it may be a challenge to your relationship. Suddenly it’s become even more challenging, because he already scheduled an abortion. Although sometimes a couple is on the same page with their decision about an unplanned pregnancy, it’s not unusual for there to be different perspectives or communication short-falls. If this is a situation you are facing, perhaps we can be of help.

“I Don’t Want to Be a Statistic”

Not a month goes by that we don’t hear this phrase from a young woman… usually spoken through tears. “I don’t want to be a statistic.” When we hear it, what does she mean? Typically, she is saying something like, “I feel like I have to terminate this pregnancy because I don’t want to be just another…

“Everything Happens for a Reason” – Even an Unplanned Pregnancy?

“Everything happens for a reason.” Perhaps you’ve been hearing that from people around you for years. You’ve believed it yourself. You believe it now. But how does it apply to the circumstances you’re currently facing? When life brings you something huge and life-changing… like an unplanned pregnancy? How can you resolve your belief with this pregnancy situation? This is no small deal.

Irish Twins?

Especially in March, there are a lot of things to enjoy about being Irish (whether you actually are or not). St. Patrick’s Day… a river dyed green… corned beef & cabbage… shamrock shakes… soda bread… and the wearin’ of the green. But what about when the possibility of “Irish twins” comes your way?