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The Power of Pregnancy Consultations

You’re pregnant. This wasn’t part of your plan or your timing. You may be feeling frustrated, angry, sad, confused. There’s so much for you to sort through as you weigh your options. Perhaps you’ve confided in someone close to you, or maybe you’ve not yet been able to share it with anyone. As you’re trying to determine your direction, you feel it might be good to talk with someone, but who?

Navigating Anger in an Unplanned Pregnancy

Pregnancy was not your plan at this time. But here you are. The test showed positive. And you’re angry. First of all, please know you’re not alone – either in your unplanned pregnancy or in your anger about it. According to the Guttmacher Institute, 45% of all pregnancies are unintended (27% of those are identified as “mistimed”; 18% are “unwanted”, meaning that the woman did not want to be pregnant currently or in the future). Whether mistimed or unwanted, anger can be a common response to an unintended pregnancy.

Seeking Abortion Information in Illinois

CareNet DuPage is here to serve women. Although “abortion statistics” are not something we focus on, sometimes it’s informative to review the numbers. From the Guttmacher Institute’s January 2017 Fact Sheet, we can clearly see the demand for abortion remains high, and the need for our caring first-step services in Illinois is very real.

Ultrasound as a Pregnancy Decision-Making Tool

Most of the women who visit CareNet DuPage are experiencing accidental pregnancies. With a positive test result come many challenging decisions. It’s common to wonder why ultrasound is a beneficial tool in that process… and wonder what to expect during an ultrasound appointment.

Facing Unwanted Pressure to Abort

At CareNet DuPage, we respectfully serve women who are dealing with unexpected pregnancies. Many are navigating a path towards termination. Other women have decided that their best option is to continue their pregnancy. It is not uncommon for those women to face pressure from important people in their lives.