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If You’re Wondering: How Much is Abortion?

When faced with an unintended pregnancy, many women wonder “How much is abortion?” It is a common question, and a significant one. The answer to that question, however, depends on other questions about the pregnancy.

Navigating Pregnancy Decisions in Naperville, Illinois

Having lived in and around Naperville for over six years, I’ve noticed that there is a culture of expectation here. Parents have high expectations for their kids, teens have high expectations for themselves, and even teachers seem to set their classroom expectations on a level above many others. And it’s not just teens who are experiencing these high expectations. Young adults… working women… married moms… Women of all ages seem to experience aspects of that culture, and the high levels of pressure that come along with it.

What Can Teen Pregnancy Centers Offer You?

Teen Pregnancy Centers have much to offer! Most centers provide free services such as private consultations, pregnancy tests, and ultrasounds. They have many referrals and resources available as well. Most importantly they can offer you the hope, health, and healing that you need at any given time.

Caring Pregnancy Help for Bolingbrook Women

Bolingbrook, Illinois, is a fast-growing city with lots to do and see—from shopping at the Promenade to movies, to beautiful parks and an airport! It’s also conveniently located near I-55 and I-355. But where can a woman turn when she is looking for a free pregnancy test in Bolingbrook?

“I’m a Teen—Do My Parents Have to Know?”

An unplanned pregnancy and abortion decision are not things most young women are eager for their parents to learn about. If you are a young woman in this situation, you may be wondering, “Can I get an abortion without telling my parents?”