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Abortion and Future Pregnancies

As Chicagoland’s leading “first step” clinic for women who are dealing with unplanned pregnancies, we often are asked how having an abortion will affect future pregnancies. If you are pregnant and are considering whether abortion is the right choice for you, please contact CareNet DuPage today to schedule a free private consultation.

When You’re Considering the Abortion Pill in Villa Park

Since the year 2000, there has been an alternative to surgical abortion in the United States. A “medication abortion” utilizes RU-486, often referred to as the “abortion pill.” If you are searching for information about the abortion pill in Villa Park, we hope CareNet DuPage will be your first step.

Are You Looking for a Free Pregnancy Clinic?

The home pregnancy test you took came back positive. Or maybe your home results have been confusing. You’re experiencing pregnancy symptoms; you might be pregnant, but you’re not certain. Besides not knowing for sure whether you’re pregnant, maybe you’re not sure whether it would be good or bad if you were. If this is an unintended pregnancy, you are suddenly facing a lot of questions. You may be looking for a free pregnancy clinic.

Where Can I Get an Abortion?

Facing an unintended pregnancy, you may feel like you’re alone and don’t know where to turn. “Where can I get an abortion?” may be one of the first questions that come to mind.Our CareNet DuPage locations exist to aid women as they’re processing through all of the early questions that come with an unintended pregnancy. We hope to be able to help as you navigate your options. Our locations are spread across DuPage County Illinois.

Pregnancy Testing Center in Glendale Heights

What do you do when you want a walk in clinic? When you need to avoid ER costs, yet you’re needing to know right now whether you’re pregnant? If you are searching for a Pregnancy Testing Center in Glendale Heights, CareNet DuPage is very close to you!