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Why Ultrasound When Considering Termination?

Perhaps you’ve had a positive pregnancy test and are wondering if an ultrasound is the right next step for you. You may be considering your options in regards to your pregnancy and unsure of the importance of having a scan when you may end up terminating the pregnancy. We’ll discuss the importance of having an ultrasound in this article, and how it may provide helpful information in the decision-making process.

Getting a Grip on Fear Before it Grips You

Perhaps you’re facing a tough decision, fearing the outcome. It has a grip on you and makes you shake in your boots. Walking into the unknown can be scary. Many thoughts and possibilities might swirl in your head. “How will my situation turn out if I do _______.” or “What will people think of me?” Fear can have a way of dominating a woman’s life and keeping her from taking risks.

What About Abortion Pill Side Effects?

If you’re considering a medical abortion, perhaps you’re facing an unplanned pregnancy. As you seek to determine your best options for the course ahead of you, it’s a good idea to ask about abortion pill side effects. We’re glad you have done that by checking out this article. Following are some questions and answers about medication abortion and abortion pill side effects. This information may prompt additional questions you will want to explore. If that is the case, please continue reading for details about how CareNet DuPage can assist you.

Private Abortion

If you are exploring “private abortion,” there are a number of different aspects you may be thinking about. Perhaps you’re wondering whether a “private abortion clinic” is different from a non-private clinic. Crowded waiting rooms or rooms shared among patients may be the kind of privacy you’re concerned about. Perhaps you are concerned about confidentiality. All these are good and important questions, and if you’re experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and considering your options, they are among the many things you do well to ask.

When “Surprise” Isn’t What You Wanted to Hear

My nephew at the age of 7 decided he would do something wonderful for his Mom. He loved her so much and thought his idea would be so exciting. He quietly made his way to the kitchen pantry and set to work removing all the labels from all the canned goods on the shelf. That way when Mom got home after working all day they both would have so much fun having a “surprise” for dinner every night.