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Now Open for Pregnancy Services in West Chicago!

It’s become so easy to find local options for getting what you need, right? Wherever you are, you can type (or say!) “Mexican food near me,” “pharmacy near me,” or “best computer repair”—and in seconds you’ve got results, on a map, with contact info. Your phone even knows that about one out of every four trips, you’re going to need to stop for either gas or coffee. But what if you’re looking for “pregnancy services near West Chicago”?

The Rings

I remember the day my husband, Jim, put the engagement ring on my finger. I remember the day my mom died and I took her wedding ring and put it on. I remember when my mother-in-law gave me a pinkie ring from my husband’s grandmother. But what I couldn’t remember is where those rings were right now. I wore them every day but this morning they were gone.

Concerns about Pets and Pregnancy?

We understand there are no frivolous or unimportant questions when you’re pregnant. In this article we will share basic information for your concerns about pets and pregnancy. More than that, we at CareNet DuPage are here to assist you with the many other questions you’ll encounter as you navigate the unanticipated path ahead.

A Sugar Grove resident asks: “When Can You Get an Abortion?”

“When can you get an abortion?” is a serious question. Wherever you are – in Sugar Grove, a community nearby, or anywhere in Chicagoland – we want you to know there is a local resource available for help with this and other questions you may be asking about an unplanned pregnancy. First the resource; then please read on to get information for your question, “When can you get an abortion?”

One Thing Women Want

Finding yourself in an unplanned pregnancy is no easy situation. You might be feeling a whole range of emotions and possibly feeling guilty over some of the emotions or reactions you are having. We’re here to tell you: it’s okay to have those feelings. It’s okay to not be sure how you feel, to be upset, to be feeling guilty for being upset, for being confused or even for being scared. We want to let you know that you’re not alone in feeling that way, and we’re here to help you sort through those emotions.