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What is hCG and Why Are We Talking About It?

“I just want to know whether or not I’m pregnant; why do I keep reading about hCG?” If your primary concern is obtaining an accurate pregnancy test result, we have good news for you. CareNet DuPage is a limited women’s medical clinic, and we provide free, lab-quality pregnancy tests. In fact, our tests are rated 99.5% accurate as early as 10 days after the possible date of conception. If you are worried about a possible pregnancy, please contact us today. We would be happy to serve you in one of our locations: Elmhurst, Glen Ellyn / Lombard, Naperville, or Wood Dale, Illinois.

When Pregnancy Makes Your Future Seem Bleak

The pregnancy test is positive and you are scared. You had goals and plans for your life and things were moving ahead. Having a baby was supposed to be a long way down the road, but now you are pregnant and the future looks bleak. You’ve always thought of yourself as being “against abortion”, but now you’re just not so sure. Having a baby would change everything you have planned and worked for. You feel panicked about the future and have no idea what to do. Did we just describe you? If so, may we encourage you today to stop, take a deep breath, and realize you will make it through this day and the days to come.

My partner had a vasectomy. What is the likelihood that I can get pregnant?

At CareNet DuPage, we answer all kinds of questions, many from women who are hoping not to be pregnant. It certainly happens that a caller will share: “My period is late… my partner had a vasectomy… but could I be pregnant?”

CareNet DuPage is Coming Soon to West Chicago!

“Well, from West Chicago, you can either head East on Roosevelt and visit our Glen Ellyn / Lombard office, or go south on Route 59 and visit the office in Naperville,” we have often said on the phone. A West Chicago resident looking for a free pregnancy test didn’t have a truly convenient location to get help. That’s about to change! CareNet DuPage is coming to West Chicago!

Free Pregnancy Test in Maywood, Illinois

Today, just to see what would happen, I googled free pregnancy test in Maywood. Google offered me two options, neither of them in Maywood. I wanted to reach out and tell Maywood residents: We’re close by!