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Our clients come in struggling with hard questions. “What are my chances of getting pregnant?” “Should I get an abortion?” “How much does an abortion cost?” We cannot lighten the importance of those questions – but we can make sure that a woman is able to receive answers in the most comfortable and respectful environment possible. One staff member, Glenda, explained it this way: “I want to treat everyone with respect without judging their circumstances in a way that they feel understood, supported and cared for.”

Worried That You May Be Pregnant? Pregnancy Symptoms 101

Worried that you may be pregnant? Many women will notice pregnancy-related changes in their bodies very quickly but some will feel totally normal. If you are sexually active and are experiencing one or more of these symptoms you may be pregnant. The only way you can be sure is to have a blood or urine pregnancy test or ultrasound.

Unplanned Pregnancy: One Thought From Someone Who Has Been There

Today’s article is something a little different. A guest has submitted an open letter to our readers, “from someone who’s been there.” We appreciate the time she invested to share her heart, and we hope you are encouraged.

You’ve taken a test and the proof is staring you in the face. You are pregnant. You are pregnant and you didn’t plan it. You are pregnant and you didn’t want it. Now what?

Free Pregnancy Test in Elmhurst: When You Need to Know

We’ve noticed that sometimes women feel embarrassed about coming in for a free pregnancy test. At times, that is because they wish the circumstances surrounding the possible pregnancy hadn’t happened. Some women seem to feel a pressure to figure things out on their own. Other women apologize for “wasting our time” when a test is negative. Still others are unclear about their chances of getting pregnant, given their situation.

How Much Does an Abortion Cost?

If you’re pregnant and it’s not the right time, you may be wondering, “how much does an abortion cost?” There is not one set price for an abortion; rather, it depends on the type of abortion a woman is having and where it takes place.