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CareNet DuPage Joins the Elmhurst Community

If you’ve been following our blog, you know we’ve opened a new CareNet DuPage limited medical clinic. Our hope is not just to provide abortion information and a free pregnancy test in Elmhurst, but to also enjoy our new community. We appreciate being part of this thriving downtown and all it has to offer!

Maya Angelou Talks About Telling Her Mom She Was Pregnant: A Mom’s Support

Maya Angelou was 16 when she became pregnant—at a time when becoming a young mother was thought of as shameful, and before teen pregnancy centers were prevalent. We loved hearing Dr. Angelou tell Oprah Winfrey how her mother reacted to the news of her pregnancy in this video. Many of the young women who come to CareNet DuPage wonder how their moms will react. Some feel they already know what the reaction will be, based on past conversations or things that have happened with their friends.

Do You Need an Accurate Pregnancy Test in Elmhurst, Illinois?

“But what about my situation? I need an accurate pregnancy test in Elmhurst, but is CareNet DuPage appropriate for me?” Since opening our newest clinic in Elmhurst, Illinois, CareNet DuPage has served teenagers up to women in their 40s.

Marijuana, Abortion, and Pregnancy

Perhaps you are someone who uses marijuana recreationally, or uses it to help with anxiety, sleep or other medicinal purposes. Whatever the reason, if you are pregnant you might have questions about marijuana and abortion or pregnancy.

Free Pregnancy Test in Elmhurst: Clinic Update

We’ve written a few times already about our new ability to offer a free pregnancy test in Elmhurst, Illinois. It was exciting to launch our newest free pregnancy clinic and be welcomed into the Elmhurst community! We wanted to give you an update about the clinic. Our client numbers have grown nicely. We’re serving more women each month. But there’s plenty of room for more.