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Free Pregnancy Clinic in DuPage County Illinois

Late Term Abortion

“Late Term Abortion” is not an exact medical term. In general, it is understood to be an abortion performed at a later stage of pregnancy. Any unplanned pregnancy – early or late term - sets before you many challenges. If you are in this situation and considering abortion, we want to assist you with your questions. CareNet DuPage is committed to helping you navigate this challenging season. We invite you to call or text us for a free confidential consultation with one of our caring, nonjudgmental staff. We are here to support you in your decision-making process, and many of the services we offer are free as well.

Free Pregnancy Test in Elmhurst Now Available with New Clinic Director

Here at CareNet DuPage, we are excited about the growth of our newest location in Elmhurst. Due to our increasing numbers, we’ve welcomed our first Center Director for the clinic, and we’d love to introduce to you to her!

A Text Worth Sharing: Why We Do What We Do

CareNet DuPage clients choose the level of support that feels best for them. Some women simply need facts and services to get them as quickly as possible through a difficult time. Others continue to connect with their Client Advocate for long after their pregnancy decision is made.

I’m Scared I’m Pregnant: Fertility Awareness Tips

Following sexual intercourse or when faced with unexpected nausea, many women’s reaction is: “I’m scared I’m pregnant!” Let’s face it, the prospect of pregnancy can be thrilling, fear-provoking, or both. For those who resonate with feeling “I’m scared I’m pregnant,” we look forward to listening and helping with your unique circumstances in one of our confidential clinics. But, for now, let us offer some background information on a concept called Fertility Awareness. Perhaps this will provide valuable information about your possible pregnancy situation.