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Teen Pregnancy Centers and Three Other Resources for Pregnant Teenagers

Each year in the United States, there are approximately three million unintended pregnancies, or about half of all pregnancies total. A number of these pregnancies occur in teen girls. Because these young women may lack proper resources and information on pregnancy, they might feel that they are left to make some tough choices on their own.

Teen Pregnancy Centers: What You Need to Know

As you are reading this, 4% of women in the United States are pregnant. Of those pregnant women, approximately 22% will seek an abortion. It is estimated that roughly half of American women will go through an unintended pregnancy by age 45, and by that same age nearly a third of the female population will have undergone an abortion. The issue of unplanned pregnancies and their ramifications is a contentious one, as is, of course, abortion. Women who experience an unplanned pregnancy should be fully informed about the options they have, especially for those women who are underage. For information about pregnancy and more services, underage girls in need of guidance should seek out teen pregnancy centers.

Three Myths About Teen Pregnancy (and the Facts You Need to Know)

By the age of 45, as many as half of all women in the United States have had an unplanned pregnancy, leading to the births of 3 million children per year. Pregnancy can be a challenging time for any woman, but for teenage girls, it can be especially difficult. Although teenage pregnancies are at historical lows since the 1990s, they still occur, and they can create a major stumbling block for young women who have limited resources.

Three Services That Young Women Should Expect from Their Local Teen Pregnancy Centers

According to current research estimates, approximately half (or 49%) of all women will experience an unintended pregnancy by the age of 45. Many of these unintended pregnancies occur in young women between the ages of 15 and 19, which comprise the bulk of all teenage pregnancies in the United States. Although teen pregnancy exists as a statistic only to most people, it’s important not to forget that the young women who are affected need all the help they can get.

The Facts About Teenage Pregnancy That Every Parent and Teen Should Know

When it comes to talking about teen pregnancy, many parents and their children are unsure how to break the ice on the this topic. Just as it can be uncomfortable to discuss sexual and reproductive health, topics such as pregnancy, miscarriage, abortion, and birth can be awkward to bring up, especially for parents who aren’t familiar with all of the facts about teenage pregnancy. However, the more informed parents are on these topics, the easier it is to begin the conversation on pregnancy.